Yes, we need to look in to your credit to further process your application.

Although a down payment isn’t always necessary, it will often help. The less you have to finance, the more likely the lender will be to approve your car loan.

While we are usually able to get approvals without a cosigner. Whether or not someone will require a cosigner or not depends on the lenders decision.

The lender wants to be able to take the payment out of your bank account each month. The easiest way to do this is to get a void cheque or stamped pre-authorized payment form.

We accept the following types of income:

  • Employment Income
  • Self-Employed
  • Seasonal Employment
  • Disability, CPP, OAS
  • Unfortunately social assistance is not accepted

As low as 4% depending on credit.

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Financing is available

Do you have a monthly budget figured out for car payments?

No trade-in or down-payment necessary.

Delivered to your home

Looking for a quality used vehicle?

You will receive your quality used vehicle delivered right to your home. Fully certified with a full vehicle history report.

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